Whew, I almost installed Wordpress

Whew, I almost installed Wordpress

Spoiler: Karen Fowler is still dead.

I almost installed Wordpress again. I already hate my website and adding Wordpress back into it isn't going to solve anything. It's like a cabinet maker buying his kitchen from Ikea. Does Ikea sell kitchen cabinets? They should.

Second topic: Fleas. They suck.

Third topic: A woman I love died.

Fourth topic: dddswwd why isn't this spell checking? dddswwd is demonstrably spelled wrongly.

Fifth topic: Got spell checking turned on, and it figured out dddswwd is wrong, but also thinks demonstrably is wrong.

Sixth topic: Added demonstrably to my dictionary. It's a simple dictionary installed with Zend Studio I use for editing code.

Seventh topic: Karen Fowler is still dead.

There's been some confusion about the dead Karens. Karen Fowler is the woman I loved and was going to marry. Things weren't working out super well or quickly and now not at all. Karen Kenworthy was a customer and friend of mine for whom I've taken over her business, KarenWare.com.

Karen Kenworthy was super smart and nice and a great friend.

Karen Fowler could finish my sentences.

That's all. I wanted to just stop doing everything and yesterday I did for a while but today I made this page and put it on my website.