Why you gotta do everything the hard way? (taking a stand against capitalization)

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Somebody thought writing this by hand would shake me out of my bleh, meh, feck, graaaaawwwww mood.

This sucks, laying out a page by hand. I guess better than doing it by foot.

Updating just a few pages to be consistantly formatted has required a good bit of time. There must be an easier way, right?

Along those lines, I've set this up as a Git repository. Yay. It's a little easier now.

I'm still writing this HTML code by hand and, in case you haven't noticed, HTML isn't super-handy. That's my personal opinion of HTML and other ML's anyway.

Oh yeh, I forgot to explain myself about:

Capitalization, hasn't we seen enough?

You know what was a heading, and I know that was a heading, and so it's kinda like the title of an article, or a book, or a chapter, so why should I have to do the Capitalization of the Title Thing on It? I've unilaterally decided to stop capitalizing each work in a title, and you should stop it, too. Thank you for your attention.

2022-11-11 15:50 CST